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Christmas Lunches by G&B Catering30th October 2013

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Please note that G&B Catering are happy to take your bookings for Christmas lunches from today.  Please book through the bar.

Please see attached pdf for menu choices.

Kind regards


Christmas Menu 2013.pdf

A Walk in Switzerland and the Captain’s Charity23rd October 2013

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Dear Sponsors

I have finished my 'High Route' walk from Chamonix to Zermatt. It was a pretty hard trek - 13 days, 115 miles, 9 passes close to 10,000 feet and a total climb of over 40,000 ft.  But I trained well and when it was at its most difficult we just had to go slower.  It was a wonderful trek with very good company (many Canadians, Americans and Australians were attempting it) and spectacular scenery.  We had a real feeling of achievement although there is a nagging thought that if someone my age can do it then it can't be that difficult.

More importantly I raised £515 for the Captain's charity (Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children) and I would like to thank all my sponsors for their kind generosity.  If anyone else would like to make a contribution would they please give their donation to Amanda in the office.     

 Fred Woolsgrove

Tonkin Trophy 201422nd October 2013

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Please find attached the draw for the Tonkin Trophy - Good Luck to all.

Tonkin Trophy 2014.pdf

BG's Catering18th October 2013

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Our new caterers would like you to be informed of the following and look forward to meeting you all over the next few weeks.


From this Sunday 20th October - Sunday lunches will be available; please book through the bar or the office.


As per the diary Friday 8th November is Club Night with fish‘n’ chip supper being served from 5pm - £10 per person.  Please book through the bar or the office.


If you are an early bird golfer, breakfast will be served
from 7am at the weekend and 8am on a weekday.

Needle tining greens11th October 2013

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We will be needle tining the greens to 3" depth at 8mm diameter on Monday 14th to 15th October 2013. The reason for this work is to aerate the greens to keep the surface dry during the wet Autumn months and to reduce outbreaks of disease. There will be minimal disruption to the surface and the holes should close over and back to normal by Thursday.