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Course Information22nd January 2014

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The course is open today on full greens but due to ground conditions buggies are not in use.

Verti-draining greens20th January 2014

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Monday 20th January 2014 we will be carrying important greens aeration work which consists of verti-draining the greens with 19mm diameter tines at
4" spacings 10" deep then followed up by another machine with 8mm tine's 2" spacing. The idea of the 19" diameter tines is purely for drainage due to the wet weather recently and the second machine is to close up the 19mm diameter holes at surface so the greens are playable afterwards and to help the surface to breath as the rain recently has caused the upper layers of soil to smell stagnant and go anaerobic in places. This important work will ensure our greens stay in excellent condition for now and for the coming season. This work will be hopefully completed by Wednesday morning.<br /><br /><img src="http://shootershillgcgreens.files.wordpress

Golf course open. Buggies not in use.18th January 2014

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COURSE INFORMATION 17th January 2014

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Unfortunately due to persistent rain (14mm/½") during the night we are closed today and the next review will be 8am on Saturday morning.

Locker Refurbishment17th January 2014

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Dear Member

Please see attached information regarding the locker refurbishment.


Chris Cooper

Locker Refurbishment - Letter & Draft Plan.pdf