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The course is open today, however due to unsuitable ground conditions the buggies are not in use. 

Course information 2nd February 2014

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Course is now open from the 1st tee only to give the rest of the course time to drain but unfortunately due to unsuitable ground condition the buggies are not in use.

Course Information31st January 2014

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The course is closed today. There will be an update when conditions change.

Kitchen Opening During Wet Weather31st January 2014

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Please note that during the continued spell of wet weather the kitchen will open at 10am on a weekday (not 8am) when the course is closed; the weekend opening time will remain unchanged at 7am.

Kitchen Opening During Wet Weather - Jan 14.pdf


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Due to the extreme weather conditions we currently experiencing the course will be closed tomorrow Saturday 1st February 2014 the next review will be at 8am Sunday 2nd February 2014.