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New Practice nets27th July 2017

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The new practice nets are now in use.


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It has been noted AGAIN a number members are playing golf with the shirts out of their shorts/trousers, Club Course dress code states that you should have your shirt tucked into your shorts/trousers when playing golf.

Also WHITE socks should be wore when wearing shorts.

The course Marshall will be advised to keep a close eye on this club rule.

Pitchcare Magazine Article - SHGC3rd July 2017

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Last Autumn some of the lower greens were struggling in the shade when the nights started drawing in, this is common in the autumn but more so last year with the combination of a lack of rain and increased play. I purchased a organic feed with added bacteria that would hopefully reduce the risk of disease while increasing the recovery from stress. The fertiliser worked amazingly well and those greens treated were disease free all winter, I gave my feed back to my rep and then suddenly I'm doing an article of the course and a section on the product used.

I hope you enjoy the article.

Craig - Head Green Keeper


Please read the PDF file.


Course Dress Code30th May 2017

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It was noticed over the weekend a number on member golfers were playing with their shirt outside of their shorts/trousers.

The Club dress code states that all members/guests should play with the shirts tucked into their shorts/trousers.

If you are asked by the course marshal or another member to tuck your shirt in, please do not be offended.

There is a dress code diagram on the pro shop wall and on this website.


On Course update19th May 2017

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Amazingly it's finally rained this week with 45mm of rain.

We've managed to fertilise all the fairways, rough, tees and approaches with 5 ton of slow release fertiliser 14.2.7 with 50% 3 and 6 month release nitrogen giving us that much needed nutrient boost the course needs and added recovery in the autumn after the summer drought stress. 

1st Tee garden nearing completion with the weed sheet installed and planting scheme mapped out with some plants added for you to see.