Shooters Hill Golf Club Events

June 2017 


Date Event   Type
Thu 1st Club v Woodlands Manor (F) (H) 1st Tee Reserved - 1.50pm to 3pm  Mens 
Fri 2nd Bermondsey Boys Memorial Day   Other 
Sat 3rd Jubilee Cup & Medal 6   Ladies 
Sat 3rd Jubilee Cup (Stableford)   Mens 
Sat 3rd Jubilee Cup (Stableford)   Junior 
Sun 4th Vice-Presidents Day (Greens Stableford)   Ladies 
Sun 4th Vice-Presidents Day (Greens Stableford)   Junior 
Sun 4th Vice-Presidents Day (Greensomes Stableford)   Mens 
Mon 5th Vets v Dartford (L) (H)
Lunch - dining room - 2pm
1st Tee Reserved 8.15am to 9.15am   Veterans 
Mon 5th P Lings Memorial Day (24)
Breakfast at 10.30am
Evening meal at 6pm in the lounge
Tee 12pm no reservation  Mens 
Wed 7th Bertie Farmer Rd 3 (Over 60's)   Veterans 
Wed 7th Midweek Medal 6   Ladies 
Sat 10th Monthly Medal, Lover Cup & Salvers Rd 3   Mens 
Sun 11th Ping 4BBB (NQ)   Ladies 
Mon 12th Ping 4BBB (NQ) - Alt Day   Ladies 
Mon 12th Vets v Eltham Warren (L) (H) 1st Tee 8.30am  Veterans 
Mon 12th Attard Golf Group (members & guests) (40)
Bacon roll & coffee - 9.45am
Lunch - lounge - 4pm
Going out from 11am (no tee reservation)  Society 
Mon 12th Rotary Club of Woolwich Dining Room from 7pm  Clubhouse 
Wed 14th Midweek Stableford   Mens 
Fri 16th Vets v Woodlands Manor (F)
Additional fixture to the diary
1st Tee - 8.15am to 9.15am  Veterans 
Fri 16th Fish & Chips
Bookings with the bar or kitchen
Lounge in use evening  Clubhouse 
Sat 17th Dawn Chorus - Shotgun 5.30am Course Closed to 10.30am  Mens 
Sat 17th Dawn Chorus - Shotgun 5.30am   Ladies 
Sat 17th Mr Pratt - Wedding
Room to be set up after Dawn Chorus breakfast
Lounge in use from 3.30pm  Clubhouse 
Sun 18th Home Guard Cup (Stableford)   Mens 
Mon 19th Rotary Club of Woolwich Dining Room in use from 7pm  Clubhouse 
Tue 20th Royal Blackheath Trophy
Dinner for 17 in the dining room
1st Tee Reserved 13.45 to 14.45pm   Mens 
Wed 21st Vets Invitation Day Tee Reserved  Veterans 
Fri 23rd Tristram Party Lounge - Evening  Clubhouse 
Sat 24th Hospital Cup (Medal)   Junior 
Sat 24th Sir Kingsley Wood, Lover Cup & Salvers Rd 4 (Medal)   Mens 
Sat 24th Hyde - Anniversary Party Lounge in use - evening  Clubhouse 
Sun 25th Ladies Captain's Day
Followed by afternoon buffet (approx. 3.30pm)
1st Tee - 10.30am  Ladies 
Mon 26th Rotary Club of Woolwich 7pm - Dining Room  Other 
Tue 27th Vets v Sidcup (L) (H)
followed by lunch at 2.15pm (Dining Room)
1st Tee 8.30am  Veterans 
Tue 27th Funeral - Pittway (100) Lounge in use from 2pm  Clubhouse 
Tue 27th Neighbourhood Watch Dining Room from 7pm  Other 
Wed 28th Ladies v Royal Blackheath (F)
followed by lunch
1st Tee - 10.15am to 11.10am  Ladies 
Fri 30th Past Captains' Invitation Day
Followed by Dinner
1st Tee 1.00pm  Mens